2015 financial Street seminar to explore United States economic trends

the afternoon of April 14, by 2015, financial street of Beijing financial Street Chamber of Commerce Conference--United States economic trends seminar held in street life Conference Centre. From raffles place regional regulatory agencies, and foreign financial institutions, institutions such as the Group's Chief Economist, Executive in charge of Research Department a total of more than 100 people attended the seminar.

United States practice economic leader of the world, its monetary policy not only affects the United States, have a profound impact on global liquidity, capital flows. Chinese Vice Premier Wang said when attending the Forum on Sino-US commercial relations, China and is a partner in the global economy, but to lead the world is the United States. "Spring river plumbing duck prophet", observations on the real economy, statistics, induction is difficult and complex circumstances, often perceptible in international financial markets and reflect the overall economic state and the underlying trends. To this end, the financial Street Chamber of Commerce, organized the seminar. The expectations for departments and financial institutions and relevant enterprises to understand the United States recent economic trend, grasp the trend of international economic help.

organised by Goldman Sachs Gao Hua securities company's Chief Financial Officer, Chief Risk Officer, mengqiu Chair, Director of the State administration of foreign exchange balance of payment Division Guan Tao, JPMorgan Chase Chief Economist Zhu Haibin, China keynote speeches. Bureau of the China Banking Regulatory Commission policy research international research and Director of qi, and Director of the International Department of the China Securities Regulatory Commission Jiao Caixia, the CIRC International Department Deputy Director Zhao Guangyi, Citibank (China), Vice President and branch manager Teng Hongjun of Beijing have spoken communication.

President, China Galaxy securities Chief Adviser Zuo, Morgan Stanley International President of the Beijing Branch of Fang Zheng, JP Morgan Chase Bank Beijing Branch Vice President Cao Lu, China Economist at HSBC, global study on the macroeconomic analysis Division Ma Xiaoping, Zhang Chunlong, a Vice Governor of Beijing Branch of Standard Chartered Bank and other industry experts to attend.


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