Men brush 830,000 sued bank card was stolen says customers responsibility

Card in the side, being brushed off by hundreds of thousands of what is cardholder not protecting card number, password, or bank responsibility for failing to protect client assets? In research in many similar cases, Beijing second intermediate court found Bank of proof of wrongdoing or vulnerabilities more difficult losses borne by the cardholder, is therefore recommended in the design of legislation increased banks responsibility.
people are still on the plane back to Beijing, and carry a card around in a jewelry shop in Macao for more than 830,000 yuan. Mr King that the pseudo-card card bank condoned to banks claim that "stolen money". The case yesterday afternoon in the Chaoyang Court, the defendant banks that Mr King stuck in Macau with password consumption, information loss, the onus is on the cardholder, requests the Court to dismiss the lawsuit.
due to many unsuccessful credit card disclosure information Attorney says Cheah Cheng Hye
Mr Wang, Mr Wang was born in 2009 in defendant bank debit card. During the incident, deposits of more than 1.6 million yuan in getting this card. The night of April 2, 2012, Wang flew back to Beijing from Hong Kong, had just landed the boot will receive SMS reminders, calls his card two deal more than 830,000 yuan.
"he look for card, discover card is in him, to bank customer service telephone, discover card in Macau that rich jewellery stolen in brush, hurriedly loss, reported. "Mr Cheah said, before Wang have swiped many times a POS machine in Mong Kok, but were unsuccessful, suspected of being stolen card information, being cloned copies, in different places of consumer credit card.
at present, the Hong Kong and Macao Police are still investigating the case. Mr Wang, bank cards issued by the respondent in the present case, the defendant has the obligation to depositors ' money safe guarantee and identifying counterfeit cards, card protection-safety, requesting the Court to support the plaintiff's claim and order the defendant to pay the plaintiff more than 830,000 yuan and interest on loans and other losses.
Bank said that transactions with a password is my consumption
accused the Bank's two agent to appear in court. His agent reply believes that Mr King two 410,000 yuan transactions on the card with password trading, according to banking applications for opening new accounts, as a plaintiff I transactions. Secondly, the debit card made by the defendant to the plaintiff, from the production to the network comply with industry security standards. And during the whole transaction process, the plaintiff's normal credit card, because the case has not yet detected, whether the plaintiff suffered fraudulent, there are many doubts, "we doubt not to speculate what malicious customers, these questions did not rule out circumstances, cannot be considered a counterfeit card transactions. "
both sides cross-examine, debates focus around whether Mr Wang was at fault, cases. No pronouncement in the case, both sides expressed their willingness to mediate. Before the Tribunal, Mr King said the bank cards are too easy to copy, themselves facing great losses. BACK

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