80% Bank loans to customers were occupational discrimination against migrant workers almost impossible

home, decoration, buying a car, getting married ... ... Loans have become a necessity for many big-ticket consumer banking customers, but at the time of loan, or have experienced. Online financial looked at platforms into 360 days before the publication of the annual report of 2013 after 360 thaw credit scores (hereinafter the report), in the loan process, suffered from identity 80% customers threshold.

report displayed, now to Bank application credit loan, 80% of people think Bank exists career discrimination, and only has 17% of user think Bank lending is relative fair of, this main is because Bank in issued loan Shi for different of career groups divided has different of risk grade, this divided on will put quite more of system outside workers attributed to high risk ranks in the, to makes many user in Bank to loan to paragraph.

survey found that civil servants, employees of State enterprises, listed companies or Fortune 500 employees is the highest rate of three types of loans granted to the group. 2013-after 360 on a loan application in order, ordinary employees accounted for 31.9%, the self-employed accounted for 19.5% and that the success rate is only 18.2% and 17.1%, respectively; loans accounted for 12.8% of the total order of the civil service and that the success rate is as high as 64.2%, relatively speaking, success rate of only 1.5% regular employment groups. Large State-owned enterprise employees generally do not lack money, 4.8% of the total applications, but most lenders love, success rate of 70.3%.

the "iron rice bowl" the power of not only perform well in the success rate of the loan application and loan quotas and preferential interest rates can take advantage. Different occupational status may apply for a line of credit, loan interest rate, and ease of application there is a big difference.

report assumed with is months income for 5000 Yuan of applicants, civil servants, and general work family and farmers workers this three class crowd in slag playing Bank, and Citi Bank, and should be letter, and peace Bank and Chinese Bank this 5 home institutions application loan Shi can found, slag playing Bank of now loan sent, in meet all loan of conditions Xia, General commuters can application of loan lines is punch wage of 2-10 times, and civil servants can application of loan lines is can up punch wage of 10 times times above. Happy at Citibank loans to meet all loan conditions, ordinary office workers and civil servants in the loan amount is clocking 8-15 times the wages, but on the loan interest rate, civil servants can get than ordinary office workers more favorable interest rates.


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