Experts blame loss of balance card for bank deposits

Central Bank figures show February 15, Renminbi deposits in January reduced 940.2 billion yuan. Many treasures and other products down to balance the fierce offensive. But the new Institute of economic research, Guo Xia and Liu yan in the guest financial commentators pointed out when the face to face economic hotspot, Bank mega "blood" is not a "balance of treasures" were responsible.
Guo Xia believes that January loss of deposits is a "Spring Festival", many migrant workers to take money home, including enterprises issue year-end bonuses and other factors cause deposits. Liu yan also noted that in January, and coincides with the IPO resumption, a lot of money to new shares.
"treasure itself is in a bank account and balances, monetary principles of the internal market is after having a small gathering, most in the form of large deposits and return to the Bank. So take out the reductions in January without any convincing. "Guo Xia said. BACK

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