80 million to more than 67 million over the Po exceeds the number of users of shareholders

Bao is against the natural balance. According to a recent report, the number of customers was 81 million, estimated at 500 billion yuan.

This means that balances Bao spent 8 months time, the number of users and size is not only far exceeds that of other funds, the number of users even more than the shareholders (assuming that a person with only a PayPal purchase).

China's stock market has more than 23 years history. At present, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market effective account number 67 million and 65 million, respectively, ordinary investors are one each in Shanghai and Shenzhen, so the total number of shareholders was about 67 million.

my friends, now balances more treasure than talking about stocks. So, do not understand balance treasure what? Here, the first financial daily of the money from an investor's perspective, to systematic observation of analytical balances the treasure.


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