Credit card 3 months or Bank on a blacklist affects visas

on credit card debt, don't take it lightly. A few days ago, a resident overdrawn credit card 6 years ago 967 Yuan, after 6 years of arrears had reached more than 19,000 yuan. Causes the public to buy a new house plans come to nothing. Foshan banking source, credit card debts will involve 3 interest, late fees and extra charges fees and default interest is compounded, longer in arrears arrears will accelerate faster. Once the credit card 3 months will go into some bank lending "blacklist".

case overdraft for years now in arrears variable "sum"

a few days ago, a media report of a community overdraft surnamed Chen in Sichuan happened to credit cards. The public in 2007 in Chengdu, while at work, running a credit card, with 967 Yuan after its overdraft, discarded the card talk. A few days ago, when he refused to lend, I know 6 years ago credit cards appeared more than 19,000 yuan in arrears, 6-year "boom" 20 times.

Mr Chen's story is not alone. Last year, the Hangzhou Miss Dong 5 years ago maxed out 191 Yuan, after 5 years in arrears reached 10854. 5 years time, arrears increased by more than 50 times.


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