Zhejiang enterprises, such as banks tighten credit loan shark deaths

On January 29, the Lotus town, Jiande city, Zhejiang Province, Chou Kangjun, Secretary of Office to prepare early to enterprises. In the town, including silver plastic, zhanwei curtains, Hong Wei Yong Fu Jia , shenghua leather, while bearing, run Ocean textile enterprises, such as had once been operational issues, some companies used bankruptcy, some had business owners on the debt are not used to run,
also in the worm.
Chen, managing an agricultural science and technology enterprises in Jiande city 2012 break billion of total assets. The year is approaching, Chen's biggest fear is loan sharking debts of the company from time to time collect
. Hangzhou huanyu tools co,
is a well-known local enterprises, the current statistics show, including bank loans and private loans, their debt of 160 million Yuan, but as long as multiple 1
billion in total assets. "Now stop judicial auction of company assets, hoping to find a good home."
Hangzhou Beauchamps loan officer learned that following the universal tool company, and several large businesses face closure ... ...
"things out of the River, in the Kent region business loans in the financial system as a whole more strict. "Jiande, Hangzhou Beauchamps, local financial institutions to loan officer revealed that the silver
of enterprises in the region have had a crisis of confidence, banks have different levels of loan, many enterprises faced funding problems and stop running at half capacity. BACK

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