P2P networks about high loan income fall annual income 20%

a net credit practitioners said, P2P network in the near future loan yields 2013 and 30% annual yields have fallen 5%-10%, being closer to the rational investment. On one hand, this year net increase admission of loan funds, money demand eased in 2013, a large number of new platforms to grab the investor's decline on the other, with platform failures go, the robustness of the platform is gradually improving.

and posted on many P2P platform compared to the annualized rate of return, secured the subject of investment yields are generally low, yields much below 12% at an annual, monthly, 1 minutes, ranging from standard return 15%~22%. Private lending is relatively transparent in Shenzhen, and other income, such as interest on a loan for 2 minutes and 5, lending rates of the interest after the first 3 minutes 5.


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