2015 financial street education forum--how to develop your child

Financial Street to help young parents to train their children, and make parents ' love for their children into children's positive impetus, Beijing financial Street Chamber of Commerce was held in the afternoon of April 3 in the Bank of communications building, second floor "2015 Education Forum on financial Street". Specially invited famous experts in education, headmaster of Beijing second experiment primary school Li LIEH, financial Street and staff face to face, with the how to train your children as the theme, starting from the family education, effective communication with their children, children reveal themselves, strengthen confidence, develop good character and healthy habits.

lecture by street Chamber of Commerce Executive Deputy Secretary-General Shen hongchang presided over, China letter up assets management company discipline Secretary Gong Jiande, and China futures margin monitoring center discipline Secretary Ma Minglan, and China silver prison will organ party Deputy Secretary and unions President Yi Zhou, and Beijing silver prison Council Deputy Secretary Yi Xiao, and China Construction Bank head office organ unions President Wang Lihe, and financial Street group unions President Guo Qifang, led, and from street Chamber of Commerce the members units total more than 550 more than parents participate in has activities.

Li LIEH principals as Counselor of the State Council, Beijing second experiment primary school principals, the national famous math teacher, Vice President of the Chinese society of education, Vice President of the Beijing financial Street Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of education, Member of the National Expert Committee on teacher education and enjoy special allowance of the State Council. The lecture was her first lecture, financial Street Chamber of Commerce member of widely solicited the parents in advance common issues of concern, communicate with Li, Li lecture analyzes issues into solutions, vivid speech received warm applause, the original Auditorium seats 450, aisles are filled with parents who rushed in.

Street series the public service brand "Forum on financial Street", according to the diverse needs of the Member, invited a variety of experts and scholars on a regular basis, organization of business, education, health, culture and so on depending on the contents of lectures by members of welcome and praise, active scenes so popular.


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