Bank sale 10th savings bonds

It is learnt that the Ministry decided to issue savings bonds 2013 period (electronic) and the sixth issue savings bonds (electronic). Maximum issue amount of the two Treasury 40 billion yuan. The fifth period of 3 years and carries a coupon interest rate of 5%, the largest issue 24 billion yuan; the sixth period of 5 years and carries a coupon interest rate of 5.41%, the largest issue 16 billion yuan.
  bank financial planner Zhang Yanmin accounts for journalists: If members of the public spend 100,000 yuan to buy the two treasuries, the yield to maturity is 15000 Yuan and 27050 Yuan respectively. And now more than the Bank's 3-year and 5-year fixed deposit interest rate is 4.25% and 4.75% respectively, such as handling the deposit of 100,000 yuan, the yield to maturity is 12750 Yuan and 23750 Yuan respectively. Investment bonds time deposits more than in the same period income 2250 and 3300.
insiders, considering buying the bonds less than 6 months cash regardless of the interest paid in advance, so people are just short-term funding, the proposed selection of other types of investment. If hands have some funding is not used for a long time, consider selecting this bond. People can choose when buying banks such as ICBC, China Construction Bank Bank online subscription, individual bond accounts, and query operations are available from a number of banks counter purchases. BACK

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