Harbin credit for helping a migrant worker

  Working at a site, and wages a year is always a knot. Last year September, children to Shang University, need many money, but money are was pressure in has end of, where also rich to children school, no too much of culture, in town awareness of people also not more, not know the from where to raised to so more money, I had to in street Shang wandering trying to, through several Street, due I nothing of when, a students to has I a Zhang flyer, I free of received has on home has, night I took out that Zhang flyer prepared threw of when above Harbin loan several Word attract has I, Somehow I found a glimmer of hope.
   the next day, I took leave, intending to go to Harbin 20,000 loans loans. Children's school tuition. Their company, I don't think I'll have much hope, after all, I'm just a migrant worker, still working for someone else. I decided to give it a try, don't try what no hope at all. To my surprise is that they recommended me to use micro-credit, the most suitable for a person like me, I finally took the money to the children. Appreciate this small loan, perhaps these two for the rich is nothing, but for people in need, he is likely to help friends. BACK

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