Interbank overnight rate drop of 495 basis points

Yesterday, the interbank overnight rate dropped by 495 basis points, to close at 8.492%, and markets to some extent ease the fund shortage.
in addition, the interbank repo pledge also fell, from the record high of 20th, weighted average overnight interest rates to 8.89%, down 285.36 basis points from the previous trading day; 7 days weighted average interest rate was 5.5%, down 612.17 points from the previous trading day.
a local bank trader introduction, morning opened sharply lower the repo rate to stabilize the market, gradually thaw out capital for many small banks this afternoon, so the overall money changed the previous day. "Monday's money will not be easy to do. "These traders, this is just a temporary relief, the Central Bank over the next two weeks, is still liquidity back. Next week is the last week of the month, many traders believe that money will still remain high, but guided by the Central Bank window, as well as improve the impact of liquidity management, weighted interest rate hit a record high overnight, 7 days is unlikely. BACK

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