Benefit bank counter attack

last month, big banks finance product yields remained low, averaging just 4%. This month, bank financial start counter attack, expected yields rose an average 0.2%-0.6%, equivalent to investment of 100,000 yuan to buy a 3-month products, profit increase of at least 200 Yuan.
loan company, Harbin jiangcheng visits a State-owned bank, the Bank's main period of 90 days, starting at 50,000-100,000 yuan of non-floating short-term capital preservation products, the expected return rate of around 4.6%-4.8%. "4.2%-4.4% yields in the last month, this month rose 0.2%-0.4%. "The Bank Manager in the lobby.
insiders, check the upcoming of the year, banks hold reserve more and more pressure, so higher yields on financial products to deposit-taking. BACK

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