Money line of credit increase was fraudulent nearly 50,000

a man in this city for their line of credit of up to 200,000, through the small ads to find intermediaries, but lines not ascending, card nearly 50,000 stolen brush out. A few days ago, Huangpu Public Security Bureau went on a rigorous investigation, uncovered to help others improve credit for conducting series of theft cases, the suspect's father and son and the two men had been detained.

on February 16, Huang in a bank automatic teller machine of the public saw a line of credit can increase the ads, then get in touch with each other, and about the next day, in the afternoon meet Tibet road, a luxury building. On February 17, a self-proclaimed "Manager Zhou" have received him, "Manager Zhou" indicates increase in credit limits and charges, increased by 10000 Yuan 300 yuan each.

after Mr WONG agreed, "Zhou Manager" asked Huang to use the phone hands-free function queries the three credit card's credit limit. Mr WONG in "Manager Zhou" enter a bank card password query. After calculation, "Zhou Manager" says pay 6000 Yuan fee, will Mr WONG's three credit totaling up to 200,000. Mr WONG handed over 6000 Yuan "week Manager." "Week Manager" then handed three credit cards "Finance", and after three credit cards back to Mr WONG, and an excuse to leave. Half an hour later, Mr Huang's cell phone received Bank SMS alert, saying its three bank credit card is assigned by the consumer before about 49000 Yuan, Huang knew he was cheated and the police.

after careful investigation, on February 26, the suspect's father and son were caught in a business building in Guangzhou. After interrogation, crime in Shanghai's father and son, two nonstop, successively fled to Suzhou, Wuhan, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, each more than 2 days, at least half a day, fled immediately after the crime, transfer faster. In just 9 days before being captured, MA's father and son with the same or similar operandi 7, victims of fraudulent credit card profit of more than 100,000 yuan. At present, the two men had been escorted back to Shanghai.


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