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Provident Fund loans

Provident Fund loans

Provident Fund loans enjoyed by workers who have paid into the Housing Fund loans, State regulations, workers who paid into the Fund are subject to relevant provisions of Provident Fund loans application for Provident Fund loans. The city purchase, construction, renovation, major repairs when the owner-occupied housing, housing for its own property rights as collateral and as a guarantee of repayment of the loan, applying for a housing loan to the Bank. 2014 adjustments in the Provident Fund loan conditions in some cities, including Xiamen algorithm of Provident Fund loans have variable [1], the largest sum of 800,000 minimum 200,000, and introducing monthly huafu property real-name registered and Provident Fund loans new regulations. On October 13, 2014, the Ministry of housing, Ministry of finance and Central Bank issued three departments, undoing housing provident fund housing loans fees.

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